Friday Night Carnage is a top down, multiplayer, ship based arena brawler. Your goal is to try and push the other players out of the arena. To help with that you unlock special abilities as you level up during the game. First person to get to level 5 wins.

The game was created at FutureGames using Unreal Engine 4, by a team of 4 designers and 4 artists, in 4 weeks.

I was responsible for creating all the rigging and animations for the ships, as well as then implementing those animations into the game. I also modelled the central laser turret and most of the stuff underneath the arena.

During this project I learned a lot about using layered animations. We had a mechanic where extra parts would get added to the ship when the player levels up. The joints controlling these parts are placed on separate layer and are then added to the ship via additive animation.

The player ships abilities were animated with a lot of exaggerated movement. This was mostly due to the fact that the camera is pretty far away during normal gameplay and I wanted the animation to be visible.

But also because I wanted the player to get that really satisfying feeling, each and every time they push the button.

The area underneath the arena is supposed to be really dangerous and unsafe. So to accomplish that feeling, we tinted it red and filled it with a whole lot of the moving mechanical pieces I made.

Most of the environment pieces I made for this game are animated. Including this big flag that is being waved around by the audience during gameplay.

This spinning thing was inspired by old locomotive wheels. I wanted to make something that was modular enough that our level designer could easily place them into any configuration underneath the arena.