Ropes' Adventure

A 6 week game project at FutureGames. The goal was to create a story based, single player game in Unity

I was responsible for making all the rigging and animations, as well as implementing them into the game. I also modelled, did the VFX for, and scripted the destructibles in the game. And I also did the sound and created the trailer.

During the beginning of development we were just brainstorming different ideas for what kind of game we where going to make. One of the directions we started going in was having an elephant for the main character.

Since we just wanted test out some of these ideas I only spent a day working on this model, rig, and animation. Just to get everything into the engine as fast as possible so we could feel out how the character would work.

We wound up not using the elephant. So for the next week (and the rest of the game) we made a red panda.

We got Oskar Edlund to spend a day or so making the panda model in ZBrush, and then just using ZRemesher, getting it to me for rigging and animation.

Again we didn't want to invest too much time if it turned out we were going to switch tracks once more, so I only spent a day making the base rig and then the rest of the week getting a feel for some animations. Having the rig also be nice and modular so I had room to improve on it later.

I wanted to prioritize getting everything into the engine as fast as possible, and then modifying the character's animations based on how it feels in engine. Like the simple fact that he has has such tiny arms, that he can't raise above his absolutely enormous head, lead to some of thinking on how we were going to do things like rope swinging and box pushing.

These are all the animation states that we used in the game. There was a lot of tweaking for the transitions so that the player wouldn't ever feel like they're having to wait for the game to catch up to them.

Around midway through the project we got feedback to make some destructibles and scatter them around the environment. Because sometimes people just like smashing stuff up.

And so, the task went to me to figure out how we were going to do all that.

The first thing I did was make a simple vase in Maya, then create a duplicate and slice it up a bunch. I then exported both versions of the model into Unity.

The scripts I wrote triggers if the player is attacking. It then checks if they are inside the collision sphere around the vase. If so, then it'll, replace the destructible model with the busted up version, spawn some particles, and blow it all up. Boom.

The script I wrote for all this was modular enough that one of our environment artists, Henric Montelius, was able to setup all the banana tree destructibles by himself with just some drag and drop.

Near the end of the project we added turtles into the game. Henric made the model one afternoon. I rigged em up and animated them the day after.

We even got our lead programmer Tom to make em get launched away from the player when they get hit.

I also made some big flat version of the turtle, for the player to use as a platform when traversing over water.