Bake Animation to Auto Rig

This scripts takes mocap animation and bakes it onto a simple control rig that gets created by the script.

Created for the default Miaxmo skeleton but can easily be converted to fit any humanoid skeleton. The arms and legs get defaulted to IK. And I've made a script that allows the user to bake each limb back-and-forth between IK and FK controllers.

Inspired by the workflow of Richard Lico

Create Cube on Object

This script finds the object underneath the mouse cursor, makes it live, and starts the "create cube tool".

If an object is selected then it takes priority as the object to draw on.

After the cube is created, it deselects the cube, and makes the object "unlive" again.

Pivot Switcher

Switches the selected object's pivot between three different states.

• Center of Object

• Center Bottom of Object

• World Origo

If a face is selected and the script is run, then the pivot will be moved to that face with it's local rotation applied.

Mirror and Offset Animation

This script copies over the keyframes from the first selected object onto the second selected object.

It then proceeds to offset that animation by half of whatever the currently selected time slider is.

Noise Generator

This script generates random values and adds them to the currently selected objects transform.

Intended for making quick bases for idle animations, or whatever else suits your fancy.

Create mesh along Edge

This script duplicates the last selected mesh, along the previously selected edge, then opens up some settings for the user

(This script is currently in progress)

Various Small Scripts

Control Maker

This script creates a controller of you choice, renames it, offsets its transform to a group, and then parentConstrains it to the selected object.

Group Transform

This script grabs the selected objects transform and creates a group around that object with its transform. Basically it zero's out the objects in a non destructive way.

Round Transform Values

This script rounds out the translate, rotate, and scale values of all the selected objects to the nearest integer.

IK Stretch

This script creates a quick and dirty ikStretch. Select IK Handle and run.

Model Exporter

This script grabs all the selected objects, moves them to the origin, and launches the Maya Export. After export, the objects are moved back to their original position.

Select Same Material

This script finds the currently selected objects material and selects every other thing in the scene with the same material